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Brownies That Are Good For Everyone

Brownies that are good for everyone

How long does it take you to eat yours?

Are you a two bites, no chew, grab a Gaviscon kind of inhaler? Or do you prefer to lovingly linger, eyes closed and let your mind take you away with each flavour your taste buds pick up. Swooning over the heady aroma the squares of pleasure provide you with?

Whichever box you put yourself In, you can feel quietly confident that the moment of joy your brownie has brought you, transcends much further afield than where the last few remaining crumbs sit upon your plate.

Chocolate is the divine power that brings our brownies to life. So we needed to make sure that the choice of such a pivotal player was the best we could get.

We currently use two different chocolate suppliers. We source our white chocolate from Suffolk based Pump Street Chocolate. Producing small batch chocolate from beans imported directly by them from single estate family farms and cooperatives around the world. Their uniquely flavoured Ecuador white chocolate elevates our blondies and hazelnut brownie to the highest heights whilst being fully transparent and traceable.

We source all of our cocoa powder and dark chocolate from Islands. Islands manage the entire supply chain from seed to bar, this provides them with total transparency and traceability. They have hundreds of acres of farm land in the rich volcanic soils of Saint Vincent and The Grenadines. They plant the finest locally sourced cocoa as well as ancient varieties, originating from the amazon rainforest, meaning they have the perfect mix of indigenous and foreign cacao giving them incredibly diverse flavour profiles. This in turn, transports our brownies to a completely different level whilst ensuring they maintain the highest ethics that chocolate can provide.

Each time you either decimate or delicately handle one of our brownies, we hope it transports you to a place of pure clarity. You can slowly step across the white sandy beaches the bite has taken you to with minimal heartburn, knowing your chocolate is as clear as the ocean waves you have lapping over your toes.