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Say Hello Wave Goodbye

handmade brownies

There has been a fair bit of change and growth go on at Dinner Table HQ over the past few months and we are buzzing to share this with you.

After almost three amazing years of sending delicious postal treats, the time has come to say goodbye to our gift box brownies.

Born in the height of the global pandemic, you guys sent these squares of joy across the country; to the mates you were missing, as a snack to enjoy whilst sitting on the sofa in your pants completing Netflix, for birthdays and new babies, for sad times, good times and everything else in between. Though the gift boxes may be disappearing for a while, our sweet treats are going nowhere! You can still get your hands on our banging baked goods at:

Over the past three years this small business has evolved into a very small community of people that like to eat. Food and all of the joy that brings must be consumed in every which way. Staying in to cook it, going out to eat it, reading about it, listening to podcasts on it or thinking about it before bringing it to life and coming together around the table. Alongside this wonderful job, I (Natalie) have taken on another really exciting role as Chef at Bore Place. I am so excited to be part of such a special place which focusses on organic farming and regenerative land management as well as educational programmes, group retreats and a wide variety of trails and events to explore the estate and farm and learn more about nature and the world we live in.

As The Dinner Table continues to grow its roots, the reason it began will forever remain the same: Bringing People Together With Food. To this end we are revamping our newsletter, and now our monthly edition will be filled with all of the things that we love about food and community: recipes, stories from people and their favourite food memories, local supplier shoutouts, podcasts we’ve listened to, cookbooks to dive into, restaurants that blew our minds and more. Join the mailing list here, and we’d love you to join in to. Send us any of your recommendations or a food story you’d love to share!

As well as glorious food chat, we have a diary of really special events to bring you including Supper clubs, Retreats and Afternoon Teas – check out our events page for all the details.